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Authorizer - Open source authentication and authorization solution | Product Hunt
  • Build Secure Apps 10x faster
  • Low code tool and low cost deployment
  • Own your user data in your preferred database
  • Authenticate users with multiple auth recipes
  • Authorize Users Based on your business roles
  • OAuth2 and OpenID compatible APIs

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Get Started in 3 Simple Steps

Authentication and authorization have never been this simple before!

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    Get Authorizer instance

    Deploy production ready Authorizer instance using one click deployment options available below

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    Setup instance

    Open authorizer instance endpoint in browser.Sign up as an admin with a secure password. Configure environment variables from dashboard

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    Integrate with your application

    Load the @authorizerdev/authorizer-js library and initialize the authorizer object. Authorizer object can be instantiated with JSON object with following keys in its constructor.

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Authentication | Authorization | Security | Integrations

The hardest part of the application development, made simple.

You can use Authorizer off the shelf and provide an amazing digital experience in just 3 minutes.
We rather have you focused on your core business and build stuff that matters.


Auth with best services baked in. Secure Session management implemented with HTTP only cookies. Authorization Code flow implemented for mobile based auth.


MuLtiple auth recipes supported out of the box. Supports major social login, basic auth, magic link auth and more coming soon…


It supports 11+ databases including major SQL, NoSQL and GraphDBs


Comes with built in universal login page. But want to build custom UI? We’ve it all covered. Be it javascript, react or any framework! Moresdks coming soon…

Role Based Access Control

Define the roles and authorize your APIs with role based session tokens


With multiple deployment options deploy your authentication and authorization serviceany where. Currently supporting Heroku, Docker and Kubernetes.


Send emails with custom email templates and dynamic variables


Configure webhooks for various events on the authorizer service and take perform necessary actions with event data


Added layer of security with email based OTP for your basic authentication recipe

Myriad Database Support

You name it and we have it covered for you

  • MongoDB
  • Cassandra
  • PostgreSQL
  • ArangoDB
  • MySQL
  • SQLite
  • SQL Server
  • YugaByte
  • MariaDB
  • PlanetScale
  • Scylla
  • AWS DynamoDB
  • Couchbase

Loved By Users

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First time I found Authorizer at Product Hunt I fall in love with this. Then I realize this is a perfect fit solution for me. So, I want to say thank you for building an amazing product. Especially as you made it Open Source.

Authorizer simplifies the implementation of a login system and is fast and light on resources. The React.js library also vastly simplifies the implementation of state management in a project. The author, Lakhan Samani, is also extremely helpful and easy to work with. Overall, Authorizer saves numerous hours of headaches and provides a great experience for developers.

I have been working on an edutainment product for the past few months. The authentication, authorization flow was one of the tasks that I had to take care of. I used the Authorizer for the same and it did not take me much time, from integration with the product to setting it up on the cloud. It was a great experience as a developer to be able to use an open-source solution to a fairly complex problem with such ease. Thanks to the authorizer team.

Authorization/Authentication has been always big pain but I found Authorizer is the simplest and fastest way of building auth service for our app. I also was able to partially adopt our own customized authentication flow with Authorizer because they provide flexible enough libs and APIs. I would not be able to fine other product that can handle this easily. Truly, all in one solution ever.

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